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Our bodies naturally produce a peptide hormone called Somatropin that is responsible for cellular regeneration and cellular health throughout our entire body.

BioTropin® is our Bio-Idential Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Supplementing with BioTropin® or our host of Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT) adds on top of your natural amounts of Hormones instead of replacing them.

One of the many benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is faster body rejuvenation and improved quality of the proteins making up the body including; muscle tissue, connective tissues, skin, hair, eyes, nails and body fat reduction. Increased energy, vitality, improved mood and well-being are also direct effects of taking part in an Elite Bioscience HRT Program.

The purpose of Elite Bioscience® is to bring life enhancing hormone therapies to the world by providing the highest quality and affordable Hormone Therapy Packages, via our simple and hassle-free online medical scripting and Live Medical Assistance.


Best Value Packages

Access highly beneficial regenerative medicines, hassle free

Get scripted by our MD (medical doctor) from the comfort of your own Home.

With the Elite Bioscience - Online Scripting System, choose your products or packages then fill out our 5 minute online Medical Health Form and gain access to life enhancing products.


Save Time and Money

With Elite Bioscience there are no lengthy doctors visits nor appointment costs. And for a limited time only our Doctors Script is FREE for all customers (normally $60 USD).



Utilising the latest technology in HGH delivery systems our lifetime Titanium Dosage pen means you can mix the HGH product inside the pen with zero ability to destroy the delicate DNA peptides.

Take control of your own health with our Easy Dose Pen®. The mixing of HGH was once only reserved for doctors. Now you can perfectly mix your own product and start dosing right away.


1-3 Business Days Postage - Directly to your door

We service all residents or visitors in the USA, Australia Canada and Mexico. Once all medical health conditions are met, we can service anyone in the world by either living or staying in these countries. Bringing access of highly beneficial regenerative medicines to the world!


We offer you access to our Medical Staff through WhatsApp Medical Consultations to answer all of your questions and give you guidance on what products will best suit your goals.


Any medical questions can be answered by our Physician Assistant - Michelle via Live Chat, guiding you in the right direction with medical professional assistance. This ensures you are receiving the most accurate information while on your HRT journey with us.