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Biotropin Injectable Pen: the Most Superior HGH Delivery System

by Cecilia Lodi on March 31, 2022

You are already aware that HGH Optimization brings you a lot of benefits which include:

  • Cell Renewal
  • Fat Loss
  • Metabolism Efficiency
  • Insulin Regulation
  • Muscle Mass Accretion
  • Collagen Growth 
  • Bone Mineralization
  • Soft Tissue Regeneration

In this article, we will discuss the best route of HGH administration, and explore why some delivery methods are simply, and logically, more advanced than others.


The HGH Structure

Biotropin® HGH is synthesized via recombinant DNA technology. Unlike other somatotropins analogues with a 192- aa sequence that are shown to be inferior and less effective, Biotropin® HGH has the exact protein structure made up of 191-amino acids- just like the natural HGH secreted by the Pituitary gland. This Bio-identical product is guaranteed to enhance HGH levels and ramp-up its benefits in the body.

Like all peptide compounds, Somatotropin (commonly known as human growth hormone) is a polypeptide chain containing two di-sulphide bridges, with 4 alpha helices arranged in anti-parallel distinctive manner. This structure allows HGH to bind with receptor molecules to exhibit its full biological activity. 

These helical structures and their unique conformation are what gives HGH the ability to bind to different tissues in our body to assert its biological effects. However, there are weak segments within these helices that are prone to cleaving and fragmentation. Remember, HGH is a delicate molecule. There are various factors that can easily destroy these amino acid bonds, which will render your Somatotropin compound to be ineffective, namely:

1. Proteases 

2. Extreme Temperatures 

3. Vigorous shaking


Have you seen those HGH pills keenly advertised by deceitful online sites? NEVER buy them because they NEVER work. Somatotropin’s polypeptide chain contain different sites prone to proteolytic cleavage of proteases that can easily destroy it. 

We have acid proteases secreted into the stomach (pepsin) and serine proteases present in our duodenum (trypsin and chymotrypsin). That means, once you ingest HGH, it’s like taking an over-priced amino acid supplement, because the hormone is already degraded by your digestive juices way, way before it reaches the circulation. 

In its freeze-dried form, Biotropin® HGH has a shelf life of approximately 18 months, and demonstrated to be stable at room temperature. Take note that extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures can alter the compound. Research results demonstrate HGH degradation may start at 70 deg-C.

The same study also showed that HGH was highly affected by shaking stress. It is suspected that the shaking stress induces HGH adsorption to the gas-liquid interface, which can facilitate the breakage of peptide bonds. 


The Biotropin HGH Pen

The Biotropin® HGH pen has a vial powder and bacteriostatic liquid contained in a two chamber glass cartridge separated by a rubber plunger. This allows easy reconstitution of the hormone by unwinding the dosage dial at the very end of the pen and pressing it to bring the liquid into the top powder section of the vial. Gently turning the pen between your fingers will allow the powder to completely dissolve.

This way, the Biotropin® HGH pen prevents mechanical stress from happening due to unnecessary shaking and there’s no risk of the compound for adsorption with gas particles since the chamber has limited air space. 


Designed for Safety

Needle-stick injuries are very common with injection pens and conventional syringes. To improve safety, needle shields that automatically cover the needle after injection have been designed. Biotropin® HGH pen comes with a clear plastic needle cover that you discard, and a second, green needle cover that remains as added protection from the needle tip. You can place the green needle cap back on along with the Biotropin® White Pen lid after each injection, to prevent unnecessary injuries during handling and storage.