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    BioTropin® (Somatropin) 12 Month Program

    12 Month Package + Free BioPen®
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      Brand: Elite Bioscience®

      Product: BioTropin® HGH x 26 Vials + FREE BioPen® (lifetime titanium dosage pen)

      Active Ingredient: 26 x Somatropin 56IU Vial (Bioidentical, rDNA HGH)

      Package: 26 x 56 IU(483.6mg) BioTropin® Vial (1456 IU Total) + 1 x BioPen® to dose your HGH Vial.

      Dosing Somatropin doesn´t need to be reserved to doctors visits each dosage. Take control of your wellness from the comfort of your own home with the easiest dosage method for Somatropin available.

      Package Description:  

      Somatropin is a peptide with profound assistance in muscle building, fat loss, anti-aging, tissue + cellular repair and regeneration. During supplementation with our BioTropin® product, one will see the following benefits:

      • A significant increase in muscle gain, which stays after your Biotropin® course
      • Noticeable fat loss
      • Accelerated healing of injuries
      • Improvement of hair thickness, skin health and nail health
      • Reduction in Wrinkles, crows feet and facial lines
      • Improvement in skin tone, hydration and elasticity
      • Better sleep quality (longer REM sleep and better regeneration during sleep)
      • Extra Boost in energy and vitality

      Recommended Usage:

      • For healing/anti-aging: 2-3 IU/ day
      • For muscle recovery / protein synthesis: 4-6 IU/ day
      • For professional athletes: 6-8 IU/ day

      Course Duration: BioTropin® Courses can run anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on your health and fitness goals. Our Medical Doctor will advise the optimal cycle length that is best suited for you.

      What is BioTropin® (Somatropin rDNA?)

      BioTropin® (rDNA) is produced by the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain. Somatropin greatly assists in the regeneration of cells and facilitates growth and maintenance of healthy bodily tissues. Somatropin is active for some time in the bloodstream, giving the liver sufficient time to convert it into growth factors, which in turn promote tissue regeneration and cellular repair throughout the human body.

      BioTropin® (rDNA) can be injected at the recommended dosages to enhance fat loss, increase muscle mass, stimulate skin and collagen production, while also enhancing the recovery and healing of damaged tissues, including muscle tissue post injury or post resistance training. For those looking for instant muscle generating assistance and a boost in rejuvenation and energy levels, Biotropin® is a one-stop solution for these factors.

      Why use BioTropin® (Somatropin rDNA?)

      Somatropin is a peptide hormone the body naturally produces with profound assistance in muscle building, fat loss, anti-aging, tissue + cellular rejuvenation and repair. There are different versions of Growth Hormone available online and 99% of them are fake - meaning they are Growth Hormone releasing peptides instead of Bio-identical real rDNA Somatropin. The difference is immeasurable.  

      Unless you are purchasing an injectable Somatropin version from a qualified medical practitioner and it is kept in cold storage, you are being sold a very cheap growth hormone releasing peptide at likely are very high priced.

      Elite Bioscience - BioTropin® is made from real DNA and therefore duplicates the exact version of Growth Hormone the body naturally produces without stopping natural production. This results in amazing unparalleled body and wellness effects without any of the negative drawbacks you may have heard online, through a friend or in the media.

      Since our bodies are already producing this peptide hormone when you supplement with BioTropin® HGH you are simply topping up what the body is already producing and in our supporting literature we will give you the lifestyle tricks and tips to maximize your bodies own release of this most important organic compound so your results with Biotropin® Somatropin (Bioidentical rDNA) are the highest level you can achieve.