(Testosterone Enanthate 200mg/ml) 10ml Multi-Dose Vial
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      Supplier: Elite Bioscience®

      Product: BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate x 1 vial

      Active Ingredient: Testosterone Enanthate (17-Hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one, 17-heptanoate)

      Dosage and packing: 200 mg/ml at 10 ml multi-dose BIO-TEST® glass vial 


      Package Description:

      One of the most commonly used testosterone steroid ester, Testosterone Enanthate is a slow-release testosterone steroid that is utilized in injectable form in Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It is often prescribed for individuals with conditions associated with a deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone. Its half-life is around 7 to 9 days.

      Enanthate is a long-acting testosterone ester, present in BIO-TEST®. Studies show significant increases in vitality and strength within 12 to 16 weeks when using Testosterone Enanthate. Individuals also experience notable improvements in energy, motivation and mental acuity, as well as significant gains in lean body mass.

      It's crucial to understand that Testosterone Enanthate is a highly adaptable steroid that can be used for any reason. One benefit is that, when combined with a diet that encourages these gains and, of course, a well-thought-out exercise regimen, it has the extremely potent potential to promote the growth of connective tissues, such as muscles, bones, joints, and cartilage.

      You can expect to experience additional advantages associated with using BIO-TEST® and maintaining a high level of testosterone; In particular, your mental and sexual health should improve during this time. BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate is also capable of helping you achieve excellent athletic performance and physique enhancements compatible with maintaining a physically active lifestyle regardless of your age.


      What Is BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate?

      Testosterone Enanthate generally has the same overall advantages as cycling any other Testosterone ester. Even though BIO-TEST® is an ester with a rather slow rate of release, you can still anticipate a boost in your testosterone levels within the first one to two days of injection. As the ester gradually separates, more testosterone is gradually released into the bloodstream.

      By enhancing your hormone profile to improve your general health and vitality, BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate offers a wide range of advantages due to its remarkable anti-aging effects and diverse activity. There will be a significant increase in muscular growth and strength during the first few weeks, as well as an apparent positive impact in Brain performance, Mood, and Stamina.

      When using BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate, you can anticipate excellent increases in productivity in your daily life, due to improved energy and endurance, faster physical recovery from strenuous activities, healthy sexual function, improved bone strength and joint health, and the avoidance of muscle breakdown.


      These amazing benefits are possible because of BIO-TEST®’s Mechanism of Action that targets:

      • Enhanced Protein synthesis
      • Extended Nitrogen retention
      • Increased Production of the highly regenerative Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) Improved Synthesis of Red Blood Cells
      • Effective reduction of Cortisol, the stress hormone that can cause muscle and bone catabolism and fatigue
      • Improved Libido and Sperm production


      Testosterone Enanthate possesses a much longer half-life at approximately 7-9 days

      compared with other testosterone esters. When compared to faster esters (like propionate) which take faster to take effect, BIO-TEST® is absorbed in the body at a slower rate thus you can maintain optimal testosterone levels for weeks even after finishing a cycle.

      However, regardless of the testosterone ester you take, the outcome will be the same because they are all essentially the same steroidal compound, they just peak at different times.


      Why use BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate?

      There are hundreds of online vendors that sell Testosterone Enanthate and finding a supplier you can trust, can sometimes prove to be daunting. 

      BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate from Elite Bioscience is a premium quality, bio-identical ester of Testosterone. Our state of the art labs individually vacuum seal sterile vials of 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Testosterone dissolved in ethyl oleate and grapeseed oil. 

      We strongly believe in bringing you quality Testosterone that is free from impurities, additives and contaminants that are present in cheap versions flooding the current market.  We also publish certificates of analysis (COA) from a third party tester that are onsite to prove that we only ship pure, research-grade Testosterone Enanthate.


      Recommended Usage

      BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate Dosage for Males 


      Run short BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate cycles in the range of 12-16 weeks. This is due to the longer time required for optimal blood plasma levels of testosterone to be achieved because BIO-TEST® has a slower release. Effects of testosterone enanthate hit between 24 and 48 hours, like cypionate. The duration of the enanthate testosterone lasts 4 days at its peak, and 10 days in total.

      You need to inject enanthate testosterone once a week, or every 3 days maximum, to maintain consistent testosterone levels. Enanthate testosterone compounds stay detectable in the system for 22 days.

      We recommend dosing 200 mg per week. You can start with 0.5 ml (100 mg) 2x a week to be administered for example, every Monday and Thurs (Mon-Thurs) or Tuesday and Saturday (Tues-Sat), which totals to 200 mg. You can also do a once weekly regimen which requires 1 ml (200 mg) once a week which is also equal to 200 mg.

      BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate reaches optimal testosterone levels in the blood after 1-2 days, and can risk aromatization into estrogen, which can lead to gynecomastia and fluid retention. We recommend taking Re-Charge (Arimistane) 1ml/day, an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), during or post-cycle to prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen, thereby inhibiting undesirable side effects.


      BIO-TEST® Testosterone Enanthate Dosage for Females

      Testosterone Enanthate is a very potent male androgen hormone so it is not often used by females due to more prominent side effects. If a female is considering to use

      BIO-TEST®, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor to determine if this hormone would be compatible to your health and fitness goals.