Biotropin Vial. Mixing
& Dosage Instructions

Below are comprehensive instructions for the mixing and dosing
of your newly acquired Biotropin (somatropin) vial.

How should I store Biotropin?

Store BIOTROPIN in the refrigerator between 36 F to 46 F (2 C to 8 C) directly after mixing.

Store BIOTROPIN in the refrigerator between 36 F to 46 F (2 C to 8 C) directly after mixing.

Do not store your vial in the freezer even if the vial has not yet been reconstituted (water added).

Store the unmixed (powder) vial(s) in the refrigerator between 36F - 46F (2 C - 8 C).

Protect BIOTROPIN from light during storage.

Do not leave the BIOTROPIN vial out of the refrigerator for more than 30 minutes daily.

BIOTROPIN that has been mixed with Bacteriostatic water sterile diluent and is in liquid form should be used within 28 days.

Do not remove the vials metal cap and expose the powder or reconstituted liquid to air.

To reconstitute your BIOTROPIN vial

and prepare for your first dosage you require the following items.

1 3ml syringe plunger and 23- 25 gauge needle tip (for mixing the vial).

1 Insulin needle (for creating a release valve).

1 insulin needle (for your dosage).

2 alcohol preparation swabs.

1 Bacteriostatic water (sterile water) vial with a minimum of 3 mi of bacteriostatic water within (available via Elite Bioscience).

1 BIOTROPIN vial (provided by Elite Bioscience).

1 sharps container for throwing away used needles and syringes.

Disposing of used needles and

syringes in your trash bin

If you do not have an FDA-approved sharps disposal container, your household bin can be used however, the following standards must be met to use the household domestic bin. The domestic bin must be:

An upright structure that is stable.

Labelled to warn of hazardous equipment inside the bin.

Made from metal or strong commercial plastic.

A closed design that is puncture-proof without the possibility for sharps to exit the bin.

The following image is the BIOTROPIN vial label. Please ensure the information on your BIOTROPIN label matches the exact information as the image to ensure your vial is legitimate Elite Bioscience somatropin. All BIOTROPIN purchases should be made from the website:

Figure A - Product Identification
Figure B
Instructions for Use (Biotropin®)

(somatropin for injection)

Mixing instructions for BIOTROPIN Vial: 

Only use Bacteriostatic water or Saline water for injection to mix your BIOTROPIN.

Do not use other solutions for mixing BIOTROPIN. Using liquids other than what is recommended to mix your BIOTROPIN could denature your product effecting its potency and/or shelf life.

Your healthcare provider will tell you how much Sterile water to add to your vial of BIOTROPIN.


Step 1

Remove the BIOTROPIN flip top. Next remove the lid from your Diluent (sterile water) and discard both lids. Wipe the newly exposed rubber top of your BIOTROPIN vial with the Alcohol Swab. If your sterile water has a rubber top also, wipe the exposed rubber with the alcohol swab. (Figure C)

Step 2

Open your first insulin needle from the packet. (Figure D)

Step 3

Insert the 3ml mixing needle into the Diluent (sterile water) vial, drawing up the amount of liquid required for your dosage. The amount of liquid drawn up into the needle will range from 2.8 ml - 5.6 ml. Place the lid on the needle tip and place aside for now. (Figure E)

Step 4

Pull the plunger (middle section) of the insulin needle out of the needle itself. This will create an air escape valve when adding the liquid into the vial. This will ensure air is released when the water is added, protecting the delicate somatropin powder. (Figure F)

Step 5

Insert the empty insulin needle into the BIOTROPIN vial. (Figure G)

Step 6

Insert the 3ml syringe with sterile water inside into the centre of the BIOTROPIN vial rubber stopper placing the needle tip against the inside of the vial. *Do not aim the needle tip directly toward the somatropin powder* Slowly push the sterile water into the BIOTROPIN vial taking around 40 seconds to drip all the water against the glass vial. (Figure H)

Step 7

Holding the lid of the BIOTROPIN vial gently swirl the solution in the vial in a circular motion, or roll the vial on the side in one direction (forward or back) until all the powder is dissolved. *DO NOT SHAKE* (Figure I)

Step 8

Remove the insulin syringe and the 3ml mixing needle from the BIOTROPIN vial and dispose of the needles in the Sharps Container or approved trash bin (see Disposing of used needles and syringes in your trash bin at the start of this document). (Figures J1 and J2)

Post-Mixing Instructions

Make note of the date you mixed your BIOTROPIN vial. Use the entire vial within 60 days. After 60 days your BIOTROPIN product will denature and loose potency.

Keep the mixed vial of BIOTROPIN in the refrigerator.

Protect your BIOTROPIN vial from light while in storage.

If you experience any injection site discomfort after 5 minutes of dosing BIOTROPIN, before your next dosage remove the vial from refrigeration and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. This will allow the BIOTROPIN liquid to warm to room temperature and help prevent site injection discomfort.

Injection (Dosage) Instructions

Injection (Dosage) Instructions
Step 1

Using the 2nd alcohol swab wipe the rubber top of the BIOTROPIN vial. Note: before each injection wipe the top of the BIOTROPIN vial with an alcohol swab or alcohol solution. (Figure L)

Step 2

Using the 2nd insulin needle pull back on the syringe plunger and draw up an amount of air equal to your BIOTROPIN dosage. This will make it easier to draw up the liquid HGH. (Figure M)

Step 3

Insert the insulin needle into the BIOTROPIN vial injecting the air first and then drawing up your dosage into the insulin syringe. Ensure there are no bubbles in the syringe. If there is slowly inject the liquid back into the vial and re-draw up your dosage.

Post-Mixing Instructions

(where to dose Biotropin)

Choose your injection site. Select a different injection area each day. 

Injections are given under the skin (subcuteneously) in the following areas. (See figure O for injection sites on the body)

Stomach: Above, below, or either side of the belly button (navel)

Buttocks (glutes): Upper and outer buttocks

Arms: On the triceps area; back of the arms, above the elbow and below the shoulder

Best practices for site injection

Choose areas on the body where the skin is thiner such as between the belly button and the pubic bone on the left or right side of the body. Injecting into areas of higher body fat can elicit a small measure of pain / discomfort.

If injection site pain or discomfort is experienced try angling the needle on a 45 degree angle rather than injecting at a 90 degree angle.

Dosage Instructions

Dosage Instructions

Step 1

Wipe the area on your body you are dosing your BIOTROPIN with the Alcohol Prep Swab.
(Figure P)

Step 2

Using the thumb and forefinger on one hand, pinch a fold of skin. (Figure Q)

Step 3

Taking the insulin syringe with the liquid BIOTROPIN within it, hold the syringe at a 45 degree angle, insert the needle into the pinched area of skin. Ensure the needle tip is pushed all the way into the skin. (Figure R)

Step 4

Release the pinched skin and slowly inject the liquid by applying pressure to the plunger end all the way down until the syringe is completely empty. (Figure S)

Step 5

Quickly remove the needle and apply pressure to the injection site area with the Alcohol Prep Swab. Apply the lid back to the insulin syringe. (Figure T)

Step 6

Dispose of all used syringes in a sharps container or approved domestic bin (see Disposing of used needles and syringes in your trash bin at the start of this document). (Figure U)

Step 7

Quickly remove the needle and apply pressure to the injection site area with the Alcohol Prep Swab. Apply the lid back to the insulin syringe. (Figure T)

Your mixing and dosing of BIOTROPIN is now complete

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