How do I get Started?


It’s best to fill in our contact form to start your order, click here. A representative from our medical team will contact you. This enables us to discuss your specific situation in more detail and determine the best HGH protocol for your care.

Before any treatment program is recommended, patients must complete a medical history questionnaire, receive comprehensive blood testing, and talk with our physician, Dr. Luigi Palermo.

Once the initial consultation and preliminary tests are completed, and your application is approved, you can now order the Biotropin® HGH pen online and we will get your product sent right away.



Cost Benefits of HGH Treatment with Elite Bioscience

 HGH and hormone replacement therapy through a physical medical practice can be very expensive and time consuming. Seeking treatment for these highly specific medicines, especially in the US is not a practical option for many.  

We provide Age Management therapy throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and other countries. This allows us to treat patients at far lower rates than other anti-aging and rejuvenation clinics.

We can provide HGH therapy at our overseas locations at a much lower cost using certified, premium quality Somatotropin products and employing a top-notch medical team that will support your HGH optimization journey throughout

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