Elite-Tan - Melanotan II in 10mg Multi-Dose Vial
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      Supplier: Elite Bioscience®

      Product: ELITE-TAN® Melanotan II (MT-2) x 1 vial

      Active Ingredient: Human alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH)

      Dosage and Packing: 10 mg ELITE-TAN® Vial 


      Product Description:

      Melanotan II (MT-2), which was created in the 1980s, is a synthetic analogue of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. It has been demonstrated to stimulate melanocyte production, resulting in increased skin pigmentation.

      Numerous studies have revealed other benefits of the peptide namely,

      • boosting lean body mass
      • decreasing compulsive/addictive behavior
      • increasing sexual pleasure


      What Is ELITE-TAN Melanotan II (MT-2)?

      Human alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α- MSH) is the source of the synthetic hormone ELITE-TAN® Melanotan II (MT-2). Initially created in the 1980s at the University of Arizona, it was discovered that alpha-MSH produced skin darkening and sexual stimulation in rodents.

      ELITE-TAN® Melanotan II (MT-2) is an injectable peptide containing bio-identical alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH), and is primarily utilized to significantly boost your body's capacity to tan. Exposure to UV rays causes the pigment in your skin to darken. Melanin is created while your skin is exposed to UV rays to shield it from burning and sun damage.

      A tan resembles a kind of shield.

      Your shield is stronger the darker you are. Therefore, those who are extremely pale are more likely to burn and develop skin cancer.


      ELITE-TAN® Melanotan II (MT-2) was initially developed as a sunless tanning option, but it was later discovered to have a wide range of effects, including:

      • boosting sexual arousal
      • enhancing tanning or skin pigmentation;
      • lowering compulsive behavior;
      • managing addiction;
      • fending off hunger;
      • lowering glucagon production; and
      • reversing autism-related characteristics
      • increasing lean body mass



      Why use ELITE-TAN® Melanotan II (MT-2)?

      There are hundreds of online vendors that sell Melanotan II and finding a supplier you can trust can prove to be a challenge. 

      ELITE-TAN® Melanotan II from Elite Bioscience is a premium quality, bio-identical analogue of the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH). Our state of the art labs individually vacuum seal sterile vials of 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Peptides as a lyophilized solid, with no added fillers like mannitol. 

      We strongly believe in bringing you quality Melanotan II that is free from fillers and additives like mannitol, unlike many cheap knock-offs that are flooding the current market.  We also publish certificates of analysis (COA) from a third party tester that are onsite to prove that we only ship pure, research-grade Melanotan.


      How to Mix and Prepare ELITE-TAN® Melanotan II for Storage

      The lyophilized powder form of Melanotan II is packaged in a vial.

      Anyone attempting to sell you something else (like nasal sprays) and passing it off as Melanotan II is trying to rip you off.

      Melanotan II vials typically contain 10mg (10,000mcg).

      You will require Bacteriostatic Water to reconstitute (mix). The Bacteriostatic water is merely sterile water with a benzyl alcohol content of 0.9 percent. Medications that are administered via injection are diluted or dissolved using this method. The benzyl alcohol slows or stops the growth of the majority of potentially contaminating germs, allowing the container to be repeatedly reinserted (often via a sterile needle).

      Add 2ml of bacteriostatic water to each vial. Pushing the Bacteriostatic water into the vial slowly and letting it trickle down the side of the vial are the right mixing techniques to use in order to avoid harming the lyophilized Melanotan II.

      Melanotan II could be destroyed if it is squirted directly into the powder at full force, damaging the peptide. Gently stir the solution until it is crystal clear after adding all the water to the vial.

      It is now prepared and ought to be kept in the refrigerator when not in use.


      Recommended Usage:

      All doses are administered subcutaneously using a sterile insulin syringe.


      Starting dose:

      The first dosage should be small, as little as 0.25 mg which is equal to 250 mcg in order to gauge the reaction of the user's body. First time users sometimes feel a warming sensation, flushing in the face and mild nausea, which is a normal response. If these side effects continue after regular use, dosages can be taken before going to bed, so any unpleasant effects take place while the user is asleep. With regular use these side effects will disappear or majorly decrease.


      Loading dose:

      Loading means taking a dose every day until the ideal effect is achieved and then moving to a 2-3x weekly maintenance dosing. Typical loading is done by taking 0.25mg- 0.3 mg (250-300mcg) once a day.


      Maintenance dose:

      Maintenance – 1mg to be divided in 2-3 doses per week followed by sun exposure.