Telehealth Consultation 20 minutes

    Telehealth Consultation 20 minutes

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      The Telehealth Consultation is a deeper personalized guidance with our MD Health professional who specializes in anti-aging therapies; where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions to get to know what Elite Bioscience Products to purchase, and create a whole personalized plan on how to integrate these products into your lifetime to get the most benefits of your treatments. 

      The benefits of a Telehealth Consultation:

      - You don't need to travel to a doctor's office, you can have a consultation right from the comfort of your house. 

      - No waiting time, you can book your appointment directly from our website in the schedule that best fits your day.

      - Not having to pay exuberant fees that would normally charge in a doctor's office. 

      How does the Telehealth consultation work? 

      You will be able to book your appointment with our MD Anti-Aging Specialist, instantly when you purchase the appointment. The appointment will take place through a WhatsApp Call, so that you can be guided with the best treatments to aim for your goals and improve your overall wellness.