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Rewinding the clock: Today’s Most Promising Rejuvenation Modalities

by Cecilia Lodi on April 01, 2022

There is no question that stress, pollution, processed foods, and long working hours are all part of the world’s current lifestyle. Add this to the natural aging process which all living organisms face, we are inevitably set up for early degeneration and premature senescence. 

As a health and fitness necessity, Rejuvenation therapies have changed dramatically over the past years. Thanks to mounting consumer demands for minimally invasive, safe, effective, and quick whole-body procedures, new technologies on age-reversal and cellular regeneration continue to emerge.

The following are the most current treatments that scientists and health practitioners are excited about:


Laser & IPL Therapy

Hailed as the key to perfect, even-toned and unblemished skin, Intense Pulsed Light or (IPL) and laser therapy are go-to procedures to get back smoother, even-toned and younger looking skin. The advantages of IPL include reducing larger pore size, the ability to treat various skin problems simultaneously, relative ease of use, and limited downtime after treatment. Both are effective in the treatment and prevention of age spots and are proven convenient, safe, and fast. 



Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Like any other living machine, the body requires proper nutrition to maintain excellent functioning. By applying the concepts of Orthomolecular medicine, one can restore health and promote healing in the body through high Intravenous (IV) doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to promote healing of the body. High intravenous doses of these agents show a therapeutic effect and can have an immediate impact on one’s immune system and metabolism and thus regaining health function of a body. 


Regenerative Rehab Procedure for Arthritis & Cartilage Repair

Regenerative Medicine treatments are not only useful for age-reversal purposes, they are proven to be excellent in the treatment for injuries, auto-immune diseases and degenerative conditions. There are innovative Regenerative Rehabilitation Techniques for osteoarthritis & cartilage repair. By recycling the patient’s own tissues, knee cartilage repair is fast and effective while significantly reducing treatment failure. One existing cell therapy involves autologous chondrocyte Implantation where the cartilage defect is surgically debrided while healthy cartilage is biopsied from the patient and then cultured in an outside laboratory. The cultured cells are implanted two weeks later to restore function 



Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is considered by some as a 360° approach for cellular renewal. There are clinics which offer stem cell total body rejuvenation treatments for a more extensive and definite transformation characterized by total rejuvenation and wellbeing. Scientific testing for bio-markers of ageing and Genome health assessment helps in the accurate understanding of disease risks associated with different types of people. After making an accurate diagnosis, stem cell procedures are customized using state of the art technology. 


Lipokraft Skin Rejuvenation Therapy is another example of Stem Cell procedures. It is an advanced treatment that reduces scars and stretch marks using Adipose Derived Stem Cells and considered a natural procedure to restore skin youthfulness.



Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is readily available in rejuvenation and wellness clinics and has become increasingly popular over the past years due to its mental and physical impacts. Bioidentical hormones are compounds synthesized to appear, perform, and replicate the functions of biochemicals that are naturally secreted by our endocrine organs. 


The most popular combo is a Replacement therapy for Human Growth Hormone paired with Testosterone (for males) or Estrogen (for females) aimed to replenish the levels of these compounds which start to diminish as we age. HGH in addition to sex hormone treatments will ensure that the body retains its strength, youthful vitality, homeostasis, good metabolism, motivation, and sex drive- all of which normally peak between pubescence to young adulthood.