Elite Bioscience Product Instructions

The following information is a Quick Start Guide to get started with your Biotropin® Pen right away.
Step 1.

Pull the lid off from the body of the Biotropin® pen. Unscrew the clear plastic vial holder by holding the clear plastic part and unscrewing the pen in a counter-clockwise direction.

Step 2.

Place the glass vial into the clear plastic vial holder with the powder end of the vial facing the front of the pen (facing the opposite end to the dosage dial).

Place the clear plastic vial holder onto the end half of the pen and screw it back on in a clockwise direction, until the clear plastic vial holder and the end half of the pen are sealed tight.

Step 3.

Take the needle and pull off the bottom piece revealing the screwable section of the needle. Screw the needle onto the front of the pen in a clockwise direction.
Remove the clear plastic needle cover and discard, so that only the green needle cover remains.

Step 4. (Mixing the vial)

Take the green needle cover off revealing the needle tip. This is so you can see when the mixed Biotropin® liquid solution has reached the tip of the pen without any remaining air and is ready for use.
Unwind the dosage dial at the very end of the pen all the way out as far as it goes out and then press it in, all the way in until the dosage window reads 0.

Repeat this process to bring the liquid into the top powder section of the vial. Do this process with the needle tip facing the ceiling so no air remains in the top vial once the Biotropin® liquid solution reaches the very tip of the vial.

Once the liquid has fully entered the powder section of the vial - turn the pen in your hands until all the powder is mixed into the liquid. (DO NOT shake the pen to mix it, this can completely ruin the very delicate peptide).

Once the liquid is approaching the needle tip only make small turns of the dosage dial and depress until a small amount of liquid (one drop) exits the needle tip. Once this occurs, place the green needle cap back on and finally place the white pen lid on and your Biotropin® pen is ready for use!

Step 5. (Dosage application)

Remove the green tip and place rubbing alcohol on the part of the skin where you choose to dose. The best area is in body fat in the abdomen area around the same height as the belly button, on either side. Turn the dosage dial at the end of the pen to your desired dosage. Place the needle fully into the skin and then slowly depress the dosage dial until it is back to 0 on the dosage window. Leave the needle in the skin for 20 seconds before removing, this will ensure no wastage occurs.

Place the green needle cap back on, along with the Biotropin® White Pen lid and place back into cold storage. Your daily dosage is now complete.