Online Medical Script
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    Online Medical Script

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      The Online Medical Script is required for customers living in USA or Canada who wish to receive Elite Bioscience® products. Mexican residents who wish to travel to another country outside of Mexico will also require this script to pass through customs. If you choose to not purchase the script and your product is ceased, we are not liable for that loss. 

      International customers who are visiting Mexico and staying for a longer duration to then depart Mexico with Elite Bioscience® products to another country, will also be required to purchase the Online Medical Script. 

      Once the products have been selected and you reach the Check Out Page, the Online Health Questionnaire will be pop up, to be completed. This questionnaire will then be forwarded to our in-house medical team, overlooked by Dr. Luigi Palermo MD.

      If there are no contraindications for the use of the Elite Bioscience® products in your order, then the Medical Script will be produced and attached to your order and dispatched directly to your door. 

      If there are any issues that arise after we receive your Online Health Questionnaire, our medical staff will contact you, either via email or WhatsApp to clear any potential contraindications and we will inform you whether our products can or cannot be accessed in relation to your current health status. Your health and safety is our highest priority.