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Top Supplements to boost HGH levels: Your Advanced Guide to Create a Superhero Physique

by Ryan McTeigue on July 13, 2023


When a person reaches the age of 30, one enters a period known as “Somatopause”. This means that your human growth hormone (HGH) levels decrease significantly because their synthesis by somatotrophs, the cells in your anterior pituitary gland, is greatly reduced.

This is not so good news if you are a physically active person, an athlete, or someone serious about bodybuilding. It’s an established fact that Somatotropin or HGH has a big impact on body composition, metabolic rate, tissue development, and repair.

HGH helps boost lean muscle growth, strength, while enhancing your exercise performance. For sports injuries or people with bone and muscle wasting disorders, HGH has the capacity to accelerate recovery and stimulate bone and tissue regeneration. Hence, levels need to be optimized if you want to achieve weight loss, recovering from injury, or during rigorous athletic training.

On the other hand, diminished HGH levels may decrease your quality of life, as it may increase your risk of disease, and lead to accumulation of visceral fat, which is commonly associated with cardiovascular problems.


Thankfully, with the advent of bio-hacking and medical technologies, there are ways to go around it so you can sustain elevated levels of HGH regardless of your biological age. There are numerous ways to regulate your HGH production by utilizing both alternative and synthetic sources. Read on to find out what works for you. 


Common knowledge among Gym buffs is to take Arginine 30 minutes to an hour before a workout. This will boost your Nitric Oxide levels and dilate your blood vessels to provide your muscles more blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to add more pump for better performance. This is true, and I’m not here to disqualify this proven method. But if your purpose is to boost your HGH levels, it is more strategic to take it during basal conditions or the resting phase of your day and yes, there are studies to prove it.

Here’s the thing, there’s really no conflict here since there’s no standard dose for arginine and a common dosage is 2 to 3 grams three times a day. We suggest you take 3-5 grams before workout and an equal dose 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

One clinical trial  even tested the effects of taking Arginine at 250 mg per kg of body weight per day, which is calculated to be around  17.5 grams per day for a 70-kg person. This higher dose experienced around a 60% increase in HGH levels during sleep! 


Amino Acid Infusions as HGH- releasing agents

Aside from Arginine, specific amino acids, such as lysine, ornithine, glutamine, and glycine, can stimulate growth hormone (GH) release when infused intravenously. Studies show that intravenous administration of these amino acids consistently leads to increased circulating GH concentration, and can be a great alternative to the oral route if you are prone to stomach discomfort and diarrhea.

Even Dr. Oz states that using amino acid therapy to increase HGH is “fundamentally important to us being youthful and vital and we lose so much HGH as we age.” He said that optimizing HGH levels offers benefits, including improvements in lean body mass, increased energy and endurance, as well as enhanced heart, bone, and cognitive health.



Bioidentical HGH Replacement Therapy.

Bioidentical HGH replacement therapy is fast becoming a mainstream staple not only in the sports and fitness industry but also in the anti-aging community thanks to its increasing volume of success stories which are currently pushing the demand for HGH injections through the roof.

Biotropin® HGH synthesized via recombinant technology has the exact protein structure of your natural growth hormone, and is made up of 191-amino acids. A Biotropin® HGH replenishment course will boost your HGH levels at a faster rate, which will efficiently stimulate tissue repair, cell renewal, fat loss and muscle development simultaneously.

This enhancement technology goes beyond the simple treatment of age-related illnesses, as bioidentical HGH optimization stretches the natural limitations of human lifespan and fortitude. This is possible by prolonging and expanding your innate capacity as an individual so you can obtain a better, more powerful physique, physical stamina, and a youthful appearance that defies time and natural aging.